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“A Field Guide to Navigating Your Healthcare Future Under the Affordable Care Act”

Special Announcement: the ACA Explained Full Website and video journal goes live October 15th 2013 with on the spot reports and “Case Studies in Care” so stay tuned and join in the conversation!

The ACA Explained website and video journal’s mission is to shed light on what the affordable care act means to patients and their families.

Assist Patients and Families to be prepared to make better informed decisions about their own healthcare future and options under The Affordable Care Act.

As you likely know there has been so much confusion about the ACA, and to date so few clear answers for patients and families who will need to make informed decisions in the coming months.

Questions remain in most Americans minds such as…

•Where is the future of healthcare heading?
•How will we afford to provide health care to all Americans?
•What do the disease experts tell us?
•Were will we find health care savings?

Our interviewers will bring you on the spot tough questions answered by the true experts like…

•What does academia think about the ACA changes and the quality of healthcare?
•What are our local doctors saying?
•How do nurses envision the future of care?
•How will we make families healthier?
•What can I count on for my family?

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